prestigious art in the wellness world

The NOX brand was born out of our desire to bring to Israel 
An innovative and prestigious WELLNESS and fitness scene like no other.
We made it our goal to create beautiful and special fitness products for you that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and take your personal development to the limit.

In order to achieve quality without compromising the usual, we decided to go back to the sources and work as before.
All NOX products are handcrafted by small groups of artists who have spent their entire lives studying art and creating inspiring sports products.

The combination between the response to contemporary needs and the meticulous and personal production results in an innovative and advanced product that has not yet been seen here.


What is special about our products

Above all, we respect the craftsmanship.
Full attention is paid to every item that comes out of us,from the planning stage to the design and execution stage.
After a deep thought aimed at satisfying the needs of the trainee and creating the best experience for him.

Beyond the extraordinary vintage style, the precise designs and the use of the quality A GRADE leather, NOX's products will help you improve your performance, raise the training standard and reach the best version of yourself.

It's time to break the boundaries with the help of the top fitness and WELLNESS products in Israel.