Wellness Tourism Dominates Hospitality

Hotels are Transforming to Meet their Guests’ Needs Because Well-Being Never Takes a Vacation 

Wellness Tourism,” any type of travel that promotes health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activities,” has taken the world by storm. As people continue to evolve throughout the existential rise of technology, extreme lifestyle changes, and the exponential success of technological innovation, it has become increasingly apparent that people’s well-being is superior to all other aspects of their lives. “The grind,” a term coined emphasizing the rise of the societal demand for an increase in the amount of work, has been the way of life for decades preceding the millennium. The bottom line is that the ability to live a quality life is the most crucial aspect of living. This revelation, brought on by millennials’ social evolution, has heavily influenced the hospitality industry. The drastic transformation has redefined the concept of the vacation; once a gluttonous, lazy getaway from a hectic lifestyle, has become a promotion of health, movement, and enhanced positive thinking.

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The wellness movement intends to influence independent wellness practices in our lives. We as a society are finally encouraging our well-being to take the driver’s seat, and the hospitality industry is listening. Although It is recommended to ritualize wellness practices by making them a part of a daily routine, a wellness getaway can be the perfect catalyst to jumpstarting a healthier lifestyle. Life is stressful, overwhelming, and exhausting thus, people nowadays are hyper-focused on how imperative their physical and mental health is when embracing positivity. They are investing in resources that will help them combat burn out. The newest generation of travelers is replacing binge drinking with juice cleanses, clubbing with yoga, and shopping for souvenirs with guided meditations.

 A $3.7 trillion industry, wellness tourism is one of the fastest-growing tourism markets. Hotels worldwide have quickly realized the necessity of investing in modern travelers’ desires. Many hotels are incorporating holistic health methods, East-meets-west healing practices, coaching sessions, and other seasonal retreats to help their guests realize and achieve their full potential.

This new era transcends hospitality in hotels by emphasizing the value of well-being experiences, which are now implemented into every aspect of the hotel. The previous concept of the hotel is now considered cheap and outdated; nowadays, everything is geared towards luxurious elevated wellness.  “People can’t afford, given the stress levels, to take a vacation that is not in some ways restorative or rejuvenating,” says Beth McGroarty, research director at the Global Wellness Institute.  For those travelers that still need to implement these lifestyle changes into their lives, It’s only a matter of time. A vacation is the perfect opportunity for guests to evolve in a different environment; they are more mindful of their habits and open-minded to exploring new experiences thus implementing new rituals and practices when away.

Hotels that prioritize their customers’ wellness demands and promote wellness activities in their facilities are exceeding in the hospitality industry. In addition, many hotels incorporate luxury into their wellness services, making the concept even more appealing. The entity of luxurious wellness, every hotel needs to step up its game and stay relevant. Hotels engaging in this trend are in the best position to capitalize on this shift. Wellness programming offers a modern innovative approach that sets the traditional spa, the outdated approach to self-care, apart from its competitors, enabling it to remain competitive in a crowded market. 

Wellness is incorporated into every aspect of the hotel, from the materials of the linens to the uniquely designed fitness experiences, the main attraction of guests’ vacations.  The spa used to be the only hotel feature resembling wellness; now, it has evolved from a simple pampering experience to an essential component of the guest’s expectations. Hotels have enhanced in-room innovation, creating a more positive homey environment, and prioritized nutrition with healthier food and beverage options. Everything within the room is designed to promote relaxation and joy, and improve sleep quality. Boosting REM sleep in a peaceful environment which also decreases anxiety and enhances well-being. Dumbbells are in the closets, fresh juices in the mini bar, and form fitted mattresses where outside of the room, there’s yoga on the rooftops, empowering meditations, and healthy organic replenishing food. Don’t forget that wellness also includes extravagant spaces meaning the aesthetic of the design should also be incredible as it also affects the peacefulness of the mind. Ideas for wellness programming can be creative and unconventional; they’re encouraged to be unique. Some possible programming for your hotel are workshops covering expert sleep tips, including yoga poses, breathing methods, journaling exercises, meditative rituals, and more, all designed and integrated  by a team of wellness experts.

Luckily there are trained professionals who have authentic experience in producing exceptional luxurious wellness spaces. These “wellness gurus” manage all the operations needed to update areas and give them a wellness makeover. They are incredibly knowledgeable and creative and specialize in designing and maintaining wellness perfection. They handle everything,  making it unbelievably easy to produce your prevailing wellness concept for your hotel. Nox Group, an Israeli company with multiple established hotels in Israel and Cyprus that offers exceptional wellness solutions, emphasizes how “[their] spa recovery spaces, top-notch gyms, and unique programming will put your hotel above the rest, which has become essential in the hospitality world. [They expect] from the moment guests arrive, and throughout their stay, they’ll be immersed in a world of infinite possibilities designed to keep them comfortable, creative, and focused in unique environments and thoughtfully chosen elements to come together.” -Yoni Katz, CEO. You can get the most out of your stay with signature experiences led by practitioner teams and local experts such as the impressive Nox Group establishment. Immerse your hotel in holistic wellness, led by best-in-class healers, world-renowned thought leaders, and industry experts. 

 The hospitality industry needs to level-up in order to meet the wellness demands of its guests. Wellness in hospitality is more than just a trend, hotels that adapt and improve their guest’s experience will stay relevant, whereas those who ignore it will get left behind. Luckily, incredible resources of experts like Nox Group are available to make your wellness visions a reality.



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Wellness Tourism Dominates Hospitality

Hotels are Transforming to Meet their Guests’ Needs Because Well-Being Never Takes a Vacation  Wellness Tourism,” any type of travel that promotes health and well-being

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